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Pressure washing is one of the easiest, affordable and effective ways to keep the exterior of your home or commercial property looking new. It is also an excellent way to keep surfaces both clean and safe. Our expertly trained staff understands the concepts of pressure washing versus soft washing, and can evaluate each situation to determine which is best to reduce the risk of damage.

We are a five-star rated company with an excellent reputation in the community because we care. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and as such, we ensure that you are always 100% satisfied with the completion of the work we do.

Power Washing Equipment

Best Pressure Washing Equipment Available

At Above and Beyond Services, Inc., we have the latest and best pressure washing equipment in the industry. And since we service both commercial and residential properties, there is no job we consider too small to take on or too large to handle.

We approach each of our projects with the same attention to detail and focus.

Some of our pressure washing services include:


Power washing

Soft washing

Roof cleaning

Graffiti removal

Siding cleaning

Rust removal

Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning in Michiana

Your gutters work by moving water away from the foundation of your property where it can pool and lead to structural integrity issues and soil erosion. But if they are clogged with debris and dirt, they can’t do the job as intended. At Above and Beyond, our mission is to ensure that your gutters are flowing freely and able to work optimally to keep your home safe.

Getting up on a ladder to clean the gutters and roof is a risky business, which is why it is better to hire a professional. Our team of experts not only has the proper training to clean the exterior of your home safely and effectively, we also have the proper equipment and knowledge of safety standards. And once more, we are fully licensed and insured to ensure that both our workers and our customers are covered.

Power Washing

Power Washing Versus Soft Washing

Power and pressure washing are terms that can be used interchangeably, but soft washing is different. Power washing involves using super high-powered water to clean hard surfaces like concrete.

Soft washing is a technique that uses nonabrasive techniques along with a cleanser that is better suited for surfaces that are a little more delicate and where power washing might lead to damage.

It takes expertise to know when to use which to reduce the risk of harm, and our highly-trained professionals are well versed on how to keep your exterior spaces safe, while still cleaning them effectively. We have both the know how and the latest equipment to ensure that your home shines from top to bottom.


If you are ready to tackle the exterior of your home and have it looking like new, we are here to help. From gutter cleaning to sidewalks, driveways, siding and roof cleaning, the professionals of Above and Beyond can handle it all. Contact us today to discuss how we can get your home or commercial property shining like new.

What our clients say

Molly Kurtis

This was done in a few hours by 2 people who worked non stop, cleaned up their mess, and were very careful around any plants. The results were fantastic! A huge difference that was way better than I expected.

Molly Kurtis